• Build-to-Suit

    Based on the needs of different types of industrial clients, in the same time to collect data from our previous projects, we provide customized development services for industrial plants and facilities that meet clients’ requirements, which includes project site selection, scheme design, formalities, project construction, property management, etc. Our integrated customized service effectively minimizes our clients’ economic and investment costs at the early stage.

  • Asset Acquisition

    Through resources integration and our perspective of current market analysis, we conduct asset/equity mergers and acquisitions of those projects/ facilities that are idle and fall behind in industries. We will transform and upgrade these projects, and put on the market again to regain their regional values . After these upgrades and transformations, these projects will be ready to step into new business cycle and glow with new economic vitality.

  • Business Development

    Jindu Investment has various customer resources. Through different ways of cooperation and investment, we help our new clients settle in the parks. The success of our industrial project development is closely related to the quality of our clients’ growths. We are providing customers with a good operating environment while driving the local economy.

Our Advantages

  • We specialize in serving foreign industrial clients and have accumulated abundant foreign customer resources.

  • Our team members are full of experience in foreign investment projects;
    we have comprehensible understanding of our clients’ needs.

  • Our integrated customized services make the quality, schedule, operation and other aspects of our projects more controllable.

  • Our business development team is experienced and efficient in
    terms of matching the industry orientation of development parks